Catherine king Artist Printmaker

Auntie Jane and Uncle George

Monotype on Washi

I was very fond of my Great aunt Jane. She was one of the very few people I knew from my Dads family. She used to come to visit on a Tuesdays with a cream sponge. Always dressed beautifully when she visited, wearing her pearls I always thought her so glamorous. She sadly died when I was around 14 but I remember her in her house and garden, her budgies being taught to say "Catherine is a pretty girl" to my mortification and terror when they sat on my head. I stayed with them once for a holiday, loving being there without sharing! Having a "run" in the car which was a great treat. The monotype was taken from a photograph given to me by her son John. I enjoy that their concession to being on the beach was that Uncle George has taken his tie off!